TeamYo Home Workouts

Home workouts ideal for those who have a busy schedule and beginners.

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TeamYo Home Workout

Live streaming 10 classes a week

All taught live so you can enjoy the friendly, motivating atmosphere and ask questions.

Any one can do a home workout but ask yourself:

- Is it progressive?

- Is your technique good?

- Is it going to support your goals?

- Are you pushing hard enough or not?

TeamYo home workouts have been structured to ensure your progression in fitness, strength and tone. I know from experience that cardio workouts do not provide a toning effect, they only assist calorie burning. My workouts are perfectly rounded to ensure you see and feel your body changing.

Stop Guessing and Start Progressing!

Workouts include:

  • Weight training beginner and advanced
  • Resistance Band training
  • Upper & lower body
  • Body weight training no equipment
  • HIIT
  • Abs & Booty conditioning
  • Low impact fat burning
  • Get your steps in workouts
  • Cardio high impact
  • Dance fitness
  • Stretch & Relax

Every workout is complete including warm up and cool down, a unique factor for most live online workout programmes. Every workout is live and then becomes available for replay, simply search for what you want to do.

The Benefits of Home Workouts:

  • Convenience: No driving, workout when you want to, don't worry about trying to get on equipment in an over crowded gym and save time!
  • Save Money: Invest what you would have in a gym membership and build your own personal gym at home. You don't even need to have new trainers or fancy workout gear.
  • Results: Yes you absolutely can get all the results you want and more, at home. You need a progressive plan which I make sure you get!
  • Personal Trainer: You get access to me, a very experienced personal trainer, nutrition and mindset coach who is as dedicated to your fitness journey as I am my own.
  • Become an influencer: In your own home. Others will see you working out and they won't be able to resist joining in, so you can be the inspiration for the people you live with, get everyone up and moving!
  • Community: There is a large community of women who love working out on this channel. Interact with each other and enjoy the motivating and fun atmosphere.


  • Technique induction videos
  • Glute activation videos
  • 500 workouts available for replay
  • Coffee morning once a week on zoom
  • Large community of women to keep you accountable and motivated
  • Speak to me live and ask questions
  • Stretch and relax to ensure you stay pain free and focused

Workouts are graded with:

💚 Beginner

💛 Intermediate

❤️ Advanced

You will be benefitting from Yolanda's experience, knowledge and infinite wisdom thanks to her holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing.


  • Monday 7am weights with Tracey
  • Monday 9am weights
  • Tuesday 9am Cardio
  • Tuesday 6:30pm Weigh training
  • Wednesday 7am weight training
  • Thursday 9am Cardio
  • Thursday 6:30pm Weight training
  • Friday 7am Weight training
  • Saturday 9am Weight training
  • Sunday 10:30 stretch and relax

If you are in need of structure and accountability this is the place for you. Pre recorded workouts are just not going to motivate you or check that your form is correct. Enjoy the reassurance and know that you are progressing with TeamYo.

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Your Instructor

Yolanda Martin
Yolanda Martin

founder of The Transformation Bootcamp

My work is a perfect reflection of my life.

I had a poor start being brought up by a single parent you had severe mental health problems. I was largely neglected in every way. As a result I had very poor self care, I was obese, a heavy smoker, low mood and confidence and a serious lack of motivation.

The only saving grace was that I listened to the part of me that wanted more. That part of me got me to where I am today and its still leading me by the hand to greater things.

I spent 20 years working in adult social care, witnessing first hand, every day, what happens if you ignore yourself, and by that I mean your entire being not just your body.

Im here doing this work because I have to, it is my life purpose. Im only interested in doing things properly, not superficially so, if you want to lose a few pounds and ignore the rest of yourself, thats not me!

Thats not what we are doing here at TeamYo.

Its time to level up...

Welcome to TeamYo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access as long as your payments are up to date monthly
Do I need equipment?
You can start with no equipment however I recommend buying a set of resistance bands. If you want to start weight training, a bar costs about £55.

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